Growing since 1984

Ranui, pronounced rah-new-e, means "abudant sunshine" in the Maori language of the native New Zealanders.  And, well, the sun shines bright and often in Utah!

Ranui Gardens is located between two of the great mountain ranges of the world; nestled at the western end of the Uinta Mountains looking west to the Wasatch range, we are located in Summit County, Utah.

We freeze almost every month of the year (our average number of frost free days are just over 60)and still manage to run a commercial herb, flower and vegetable farm supporting over 20 CSA members, two farmer's markets, several grocery stores and restaurants in the surrounding communities.  We have been sustainably growing since 1984. We grow fresh culinary and medicinal herbs, vegetables, and flowers. 

We love punishment, that is why we became farmers. Although the hours are non-stop through most of the year we get all winter to ski deep powder snow, rest, eat and drink beer. 

Ranui Gardens - John or Sue
1459 Hoytsville Road
Dog Holler, Utah 84017
United States